Thrown Under the Bus


Thrown Under the Bus, the hilarious Game of Office Politics, is packed with cringeworthy buzzwords and all-too-familiar office tropes that will keep players entertained while they steal credit for coworkers’ hard work in an attempt to advance up the corporate ladder. But be careful. Fellow associates are attempting to do the same thing, and once you play a dirty trick on them, they now have access to this new trick. Anyone who has worked in an office environment knows there is no more brutal kill-or-be-killed workplace than the modern office setting. Gladiators often commented about how their life expectancy was so much longer than that of someone in a sales or marketing position.

Thrown Under the Bus (TUtB) is designed so that non-gamers could easily learn and enjoy but still has the complexities and advanced tactics that will keep seasoned gamers engaged. TUtB hits that delicate balance while creating a fun thematic experience. An average game takes between 30 and 90 minutes depending on group size of 2-6 players and their experience level. The Ages 14+ is more of a theme suggestion, the mechanics and rules can easily be understood by younger players but we felt why get them jaded about work before they enter the workforce. Let them discover that joy the same way we did…

Don’t let the cut throat theme fool you, Thrown Under the Bus is fun and cathartic release at the end of a long week of dealing with your coworkers quirks and protecting your station at work.

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TUtB has 6 playable characters known as Associates. Each works in a different department and has a unique personality highlighted by their HR Profile, quote and the cards in their matching associate deck. Below are each of the 6 Associates HR Profiles. Notice their Hire Date and Birthday are "??s" that is because as a Kickstarter Add-on and backers get to pick these dates. You will also write out their quote so your handwriting and dates will become a permanent part of the game!



Download the complete living rulebook here.

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